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april 24, 2011

Reached 1000 days
of Steadicam work.
Check my imdb profile:
‘’’ I belive that the camera is moved by Steadicam ’’
                       DN Mostert,   The Steadicam daily tribune
june 22, 2011

Record on a Loto-Québec
commercial : 79 takes...
and I kept my smile !
june 2012

Brand new PRO arm
in my hands.
january 2013

New Paralinx Arrow Plus.
HD signal on air is now possible.

Also bought a Jerry Hill Alexa plate.
february 2013

I had the privilege to work with the
visual artist Dorothée Smith on her
film project. Inspirering !

Here is a first preview of LOUIS CYR
With many of my shots.
Please have a look at my shot page.
These are the first images released  
of MAÏNA.  A very nice film shot
in the wild.