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Shots I like
Here are some shots I’ve done that I really like for the final result and also for the challenge
encountered on the preparation and on the execution.
BIG FREEZE:  In this shot inspired from the famous
Phillips commercial the Steadicam performs only
on the crash scene after the road part.  It was shot
with a zoom lens.  We can see many focal changes
performed by the DP sitted at his monitor.  It creates
an interesting mood.  The result is not perfect but good
for the time we had.  It was fun.
MUSICAL SHOT:  We shot this nice movement  in less than 3 hours.
The most complicated part was to set the choreography with the
actors in a such small space.  We had a couple of hours of
rehersal without camera two days before.  On the set,I had
to struggle to glide the large 535 camera throw the
five small dorways.
FLYING SHOT:  Here is a very interesting use of
the Steadicam.  To create the flying effect we
‘’hard mounted’’ the Steadicam on a plaform
erected on the top of a pickup truck.  On action the
truck followed the kid running up the hill.  

I remember the rig was quite hard to control
because of the wind and the uncontrollable G forces.

I love the result.
PARTY WALK AND TALK:  Long nice shot with a lot of
extras and cues.  The resul looks simple but we had put
a lot of work in setting the camera path thorw the crowd
and have the dialogs append at the right moments.

After 27 takes everyone was happy.
INTERIOR SHOT:  This is a simple shot that I like a lot.
It is one of the smootest move I’ve done and it serves
well the story.  I like the fact that we do not notice that
the camera move across 5 rooms.  It just follows the
CRANE:  Once in a while they say:  ‘’We’ll put you
on a crane.....’’  Uhhhh..... !  This crane shot works well
for the  opening of the serie.   The editing added
some speed up motion  to improve nicely the rhythm.
STAIRS:  We all love stairs shots...  Especially when walked
backward.  Seriously  it  is very difficult to compose an
esthetic frame in stairscases because the camera is pointing
up or down on the caracters.

I like the result of this shot done on the pacific shore
in British-Columbia.
8 MINUTES SHOT :  That’s a shot I like a lot.  It’s 8 minutes long
and starts with a 2 minutes static moment.  It’s from the ROMEO
ONZE movie.  It was a real challenge !  
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DANCE FILM:  Trailer for the short film ‘Gravity of
Center’ performed by the RUBBERBANDance artists.
Great performance we shot on steadicam.  I like the
esthetic.  The film is still around the world on festivals.
PANS AND TILTS :  Apparently simple, this shot was a bit complicated
for all the pans and tilts.  The resuil is not perfect but I kind of like it.